Downloading Audiobooks

To Download Your Audiobook Purchase: 

  1. Navigate to the Digital Downloads page from either the Thank You page or from the link in your Welcome email sent from Wealth Factory right after purchasing. If you cannot locate this Welcome email, see here for further instructions. 
  2. The Digital Downloads page will display any purchases in your order that are available to download. 
  3. Select the "Audiobook file" link to download directly to your device. You may need to right-click the link to see your download options. M4b audiobook files work best in iTune and Apple Books. 

  4. We recommend downloading .m4b or .mp3 files to a desktop device and managing from there the device you'd like to listen on (phone, tablet, etc.). Please see below for some app recommendations to play your books from a mobile device. 
  5. If your device is not compatible or does not have an app to play an .m4b file, you can download the individual chapter .mp3 files as well. You may need to move them into the correct folder or app on your device. Simply click the mp3 files link to download.
  6. M4b and mp3 files are large -- if you are using data on your phone, you may want to wait until you're connected to a wifi network to download the files. 
  7. Or if you prefer, you can get started listening to the audiobook right in your browser. Simply click to play, open in a new window, or download the individual files right from this page. You can even click the gear icon to change the speed of the narration. 
  8. If you need a recommendation for a mobile audiobook player, here are a few that other users have suggested: 
    1. Smart Audiobook Player (Android devices)
    2. Listen (Android devices)
    3. Bound (iOS devices)
    4. Bookmobile (iOS devices)
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