Downloading Digital Books

To Download Your Digital Book Purchase: 

  1. Navigate to the Digital Downloads page from either the Thank You page or from the link in your Welcome email sent from Wealth Factory right after purchasing. If you cannot locate this Welcome email, see here for further instructions. 
  2. The Digital Downloads page will display any purchases in your order that are available to download. 
  3. Select the file type that you will use for your specific device. PDF files are static and will work on any device. MOBI files will work on the Amazon Kindle only. EPUB files will work on Apple, Android, Nook, or Sony e-readers. Please make sure to download the file type that will work on the device you have. 
  4. If your device does not allow direct downloads, you can select the file type from a desktop computer, download it, and transfer the digital book file to your mobile device or eReader. 
  5. The easiest way to transfer is from a compatible program like Books > iPhone but there are many other programs available that will let you do this as well. Simply look up "Transferring a [file type, like EPUB] from [your desktop device] to [your mobile device]" and you should see many simple guides to get your book where you want it. Calibre is a popular option that many folks use as e-book management software. 

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